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Photograph of a female model
"Honestly, it is the best Botox I’ve ever had! Exactly what I wanted – frozen but not too frozen. I’m really happy. Thanks so much!"
- Laura, Hampshire, June 2022
"It’s looking great and not heavy at all! Actually I feel far better than when it has been done (elsewhere) previously, huge thank yous"
- L, Liphook, June 2022
"I still have loads of expression but the intensity of the brow lines has been greatly released. Perfection!!"
- Elizabeth, Petersfield, May 2022
"I just wanted to let you know I am so happy with the Botox results, I can honestly say it’s the best I’ve ever had!!! You have me for life!"
- Lisa, Kent, April 2022
"I'm absolutely hooked on my botox - the best money I have ever spent. I look fresh and line-free for months. I've just had my next top up and it worked faster than before! So pleased - would highly recommend."
- Caroline, London, September 2022
"It’s put a spring back in my step and boosted my confidence. Before, my face was showing just how haggard I felt! The doctor was brilliant and put me completely at ease. I don't like needles but even without the numbing cream it was fine. I'm so happy with the result - I look a few years younger and fresher!"
- Sarah, Oxted, April 2022